I worked into the Panel room and it’s a board filled with 6 Men and just one Lady. This Lady represents the South division of the organization and somehow they all try to shun her contribution. This goes on for 30 mins and I hear a snide remark “I wonder why they made her a divisional head, what does she understand”.  That sounds pretty condescending to me, So I get everyone’s attention and get them to listen to her. She owns the room of course and goes on to share her ideas.  Turns out her idea just saved us from investing millions into a failed project. An error none of the men on that board could detect. 

I just got appointed as The Chairman Board of Directors and starting from this board, I’m breaking the Bias that women can’t succeed in Managerial positions and can’t sit on the table to share their constructive ideas. 

Women all over the world face a lot of challenges in their everyday lives. In the workplace and in society, they are often stereotyped, mistreated and humiliated. It is unfortunate that it takes a lot of time to change beliefs and attitudes like these. Women often have to prove that they are capable too, even if they have already proven themselves worthy of the position they hold. Women can be outstanding too; they can make changes or lead just like men do. The only difference is that women have to work harder and longer than men. That shouldn’t be so! 

At IDS Africa, we believe that Women are Fearless and fully capable of  breaking boundaries and setting the standards. Women deserve to be recognized for their efforts and their achievements. Women should not have to endure such discrimination and humiliation because of their gender. 

Women around the world are breaking through glass ceilings, smashing stereotypes, shattering records, and realizing their dreams. And we need to keep that momentum going. 

The world of Market research is one field that has not been left out in this regard as women are steadily uncovering insights and exploring. A few women who are breaking bias and are standing tall in their specialty are:

  1. Christina Jenkin: One of the brain powers behind platforms you probably interact with everyday. After delving into data behind the scenes as a researcher at LinkedIn, she now takes her knowledge of market research insights and data and translates them to global business marketing at Twitter.
  2. Kristin Luck: Her background spans the gamut of the market research industry — from conducting research to driving the technology that makes it possible. Her experience in founding, growing and positioning businesses for acquisition led her to found her own management consulting firm, Luck Collective, which focuses on data-driven growth strategies for her clients.
  3. Laura Chaibi has devoted her career to understanding and studying changing behaviors due to technology. Specializing in digital media measurement, she has conducted ground-breaking and award-winning research for companies like Yahoo!, Orange and BBC, and she’s currently at MBC, the largest broadcaster in the Middle East.

Many more women are taking their stands and breaking the bias that it’s a male dominated world, as there really is no such thing. 

Happy International Women’s Day 2022

Break The Bias 2022!