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Innovative Data Solutions Limited – IDS

Africa is an innovative marketing research and business consulting firm driven by innovation minded professionals who are poised to providing innovative solutions to clients in African markets.

Founded by a seasoned research professional, Jayden Robinson, in response to an emerging global market needs, IDS Africa offers its clients topmost research and consultancy services that goes far beyond data collection.

With global experience and unbeatable understanding of the African markets, our team of experts is fully equipped to help you uncover the hidden gem that will catalyze the growth of your business in your target markets.

We have huge presence in the major cities across the continent – Africa and we have dedicated partners spread across major countries of the world.

The combined expertise of our leadership team spans over 60 years.


Our Vision

“To be the trusted partner in African markets for quality data collection solutions and to provide access to cost effective marketing research solutions, big data analytics and business insights for businesses globally


Our Mission

To offer a unique consulting experience for all businesses across different industries, by providing innovative solutions and actionable insights to support effective business decisions.

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Our Values

  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Our Coverage

Our operation covers the whole of Africa and extends across various regions in the Middle East, Europe and America

With our stand-by experienced field project coordinators and versatile interviewers in West-Central, East, North and South Africa, your project is quality guaranteed.

We have huge presence in the major cities across the continent as well as dedicated partners spread across major countries all over the world.

We have offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia and South Africa. Our EU office is in Germany and MENA office in Dubai.

IDS Africa Team

Jayden Robinson

Jayden Robinson


Israel Chukwuekwu

Israel Chukwuekwu

Managing Director (MD)

Whatever your requirements, we will provide a bespoke solution to meet your needs!